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Trinity College Dublin



DUFC FIE Bursary Fund

In line with our ambition to grow and progress as a top European fencing club, DUFC welcomes its fencers to apply for funding through its FIE Bursary Fund. Details are contained here within.

The Fund is designed to encourageour fencers to compete internationally, gaining much needed exposure to a high level of competition abroad, or to reward those that have been selected to fence for their given country, helping them with the associated costs of travelling and competing throughout the world.

Fencing internationally is fundamental to our progression both as individuals and as a club. Competing in FIE tournaments is one of the most efficient, effective and enjoyable ways of improving fencing ability. Exposure to top athletes is clearly paramount to one?s own development as a sportsperson;and as we improve as individuals, we improve as a club. DUFC will thus reward any of its fencers who choose, or who are selected, to compete in an FIE-recognised/organised event abroad.

The conditions are as follows:

1) DUFC fencers will receive 50 euro each towards competition expenses, courtesy of the DUFC Treasury.
2) Fencers can only avail of this bursary strictly once-a-season(e.g. if a fencer competes in three FIE tournaments, the club will still only donate 50 euro for the season).
3) The bursary is only available to current members of DUFC, notalumni.
4) The bursary only covers FIETournaments-Satellite, World Cup, A-Grade, Grand Prix, and Zonal and World Championships, notdomestic competitions.
5) The bursary does notcover the Dublin FIE Satellite event.
6) Applications are to be made to Club Treasurer and receipt for expenses must be shown in order to receive funding.
7) Any member of DUFC proven foul of these conditions will be subject to appropriate club discipline.

DUFC strongly urges its fencers to avail of this promising opportunity to take their fencing to the next level, as we aspire to make an impact on the international stage.

Good luck in your competing.