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Club Committee 2012/13

Conor Traynor - Club Captain & Men's Captain
Junior Sophister: Engineering /


Clodagh McCarthy Luddy - Ladies' Captain
Senior Sophister: Computer Science, Linguistics & Irish /




Ciara O'Connor - Secretary
Junior Sophister: Genetics /

Ciara first got a taste for fencing at school but was forced to drop the sport due to “other Friday evening commitments”. Her Wezz and teenage disco days well behind her, she took the sport up again last year, swapping fake tan for fencing gear and hasn’t looked back, winning the Womens’ at Schull. After being (unfairly!) disqualified from the Schull Boatrace, she hopes to redeem herself at the Intervarsities in February.


Niall O'Brien - Treasurer
Junior Sophister: Neuroscience /

Hailing from Kildare, Niall took up fencing last year just to see what it was like. He loved it from Day One and went on the Schull trip, which was brilliant. He decided to run for committee last year in a moment of madness, and is Treasurer for this year’s committee. It's his job to secure the club's funds and oversee all our finances and any payments throughout the year.


Ian Mooney - Armourer
Junior Sophister: Natural Sciences /

Bob the Builder - Can he fix it? No. No, he cannot. Bob's just a builder with no documented fencing or armourer experience. Never fear though, that's where Ian (and Diarmuid!) come in. Ian's here to make sure all of the equipment the club uses is in proper working condition, particularly at competition time. But more importantly, he'll make sure it doesn't always smell. So if you have any problems (smelly, broken or otherwise), or simply want to borrow some gear for competitions, don't hesitate to get in touch!


Ian Kenny - Beginners' Officer
Junior Sophister: Immunology /

As Beginners Officer it is up to Ian to ensure that all first-time fencers are cared for and made to feel welcome in the club. Having been fencing for over a year, Ian works as a link between the new beginners and the committee and current members. It is Ian's job to organise (God help us!) our trip to Cork for the Schull Novice Cup, a beginners foil competition held in November. He is looking forward to an exciting year of fencing, boatracing and socialising and is free for enquiries at anytime. Except mornings.


Ciara Nic Grianna - Entertainment Officer
Senior Sophister: History of Art and Architecture, and Sociology /

Ciara joined DUFC last year because she thought sword fighting (or something similar) must be the coolest sport in college. She was quickly proved right and found fencing to be a great way to stay fit, and make great friends. As Ents Officer, she hopes to throw some amazing soirées and to maintain the friendly and fun atmosphere of the fencing club. As one of the few Arts block representatives in the club, she also hope to boost “our numbers and demonstrate our superiority over the 'Hamz'”. Over and out.


Killian Hanlon - Public Relations Officer
Senior Sophister: Genetics /

Killian joined DUFC in 2009 as a way of getting fit, and quickly realised that fencing was an unreasonable amount of fun. Now in his final year, he continues on, foil in (left!) hand, to hone his skill. Maybe he'll even win something this year (but probably not). After a painfully unforgettable year as Armourer, Killian took on the mantle of PRO, because obviously that's where the power lies. He hopes to use his position this year to spread the club's name even further afield. He also plans to abuse his power by threatening to say bad things about people if they do not afford him adequate respect and fear. All hail Killian.


Diarmuid Neville - Junior Armourer
Senior Sophister: NPCAM /

Diarmuid started fencing in 2011 as a "lefty", except when he's fencing épée (but he's confused like that)! He became an armourer to keep the armoury in tip-top shape and competition ready so feel free to ask him (or Ian) about anything that you want to know more as regards equipment or how the armoury operates. As Junior Armourer he answers only to Ian, Conor, and literally everyone else... but he's alright with that.


Jack McHugh - Alumni Officer
Alumni /

Having started as a complete beginner in 2008, Jack has established himself as one of the top sabreurs in Ireland. His dedication to the sport saw him selected for the Irish team for both the 2010 Quad match and the 2010 Senior 5 Nations team. Jack is a key member of DUFC's men's sabre team and crucial to our drive toward success in that event in the Intervarsity Championship. This season he hopes to compete more on the European Satellite circuit.

Irish Team Representation:
Quad Match, 2011 (Men's Sabre)
Quad Match, 2010 (Men's Sabre)
5 Nations, 2010
Student 5 Nations, 2010
5 Nations, 2011
5 Nations, 2012


Rory Greenan - Club President
Postgraduate /

An architect by profession, and graduate of Trinity College, Rory is principally an epeeist on the piste. He helped the club as Public Relations Officer during the 2007/08 season, and greatly impressed club members with his hard work, generosity, and pleasant character. Dublin University Fencing Club is fortunate to have such a President. Rory was an integral part of our 2008 and 2010 Intervarsity winning squads.