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DUFC Constitution and Club Colours

Constitution (2005) >

Prepared for the Club by Garrett Fagan, and unanimously passed at a meeting of committee members in 2005.

The advise and research of the Chief Herald of Ireland are as follows:

The Tinctures of Dublin University Fencing Club are to be in accordance with the Law of Arms as follows:

The Field:
In Major: Sable (black), Azure (Blue); In Minor: Gules (Crimson)

The Charge:
The Arms or Seal of Trinity College, Dublin, Sole College of the University of Dublin.
That the Blue chosen for the field be in distinction from that dominant on The Charge.

Azure: The Blue chosen to be St. Patrick's Blue (Pantone 295 as the Presedential Pennant). This represents the Ancient Colours of Ireland: Blue and Gold as found on the Presedential Pennant and the Arms of TCD and the Ancient City of Dublin.

Gules: (Crimson) That the fencing club take in minor the prime tincture of The Barony of Donoghmore to honour Hely Hutchinson, Lord Donoghmore. Eighteenth Century Provost of Trinity and noted Duellist.

Constitution of Dublin University Fencing Club (2005)
The Club Constitution was approved at the 2005 Annual General Meeting.


Names and Definitions
General Meetings
The Committee
Constitution Amendments
Names and Definitions
The name of the Club shall be "Dublin University Fencing Club".
The acronym "D.U.F.C." subsequently used in this document shall refer to the Club



The Club shall be administered in accordance with the rules and regulations published by the Dublin University Central Athletics Club (D.U.C.A.C.) and the University.





Membership of D.U.F.C. shall comprise the following categories:
Student Members.
This category shall be confined to registered students currently taking an undergraduate or postgraduate course in the University, and who have paid both their capitation fees and the Sports Levy to the University; or those students who have finished their course of study the previous year.
Only these members are eligible to compete for D.U.F.C. in an Intervarsity competition.
Honorary Members
Where the Committee deems that a person would be of special value as a Club Member, that person shall be granted Honorary Membership of D.U.F.C. Honorary Members may stand for election to the Committee and act as Club representatives when and where necessary.
Honorary Membership shall not entitle the holder to access the facilities administered by the University. Access privileges may be applied for in writing to the Chair of the Central Athletics Club on the behalf of an Honorary Member by the Club Captain, and may be granted at the discretion of the Chair.
All past Presidents of D.U.F.C. shall be Honorary Members, and all Maitres d'Armes shall be granted Honorary Membership during their tenure as official Maitres d'Armes of the Club.
Staff/Graduate Members
These Members shall be staff or graduates of the University and members of DUCAC and must take out sports facility membership.
Subscriptions are payable on the first day of Michaelmas Term. Any member whose subscription has not been paid by the first day of Hilary Term shall cease to be a member of D.U.F.C. and shall not be readmitted until all arrears are paid.
General Meetings
There shall be an Annual General Meeting during Trinity Term to which all Club members are to be invited, convened by the Secretary on no less than fourteen days notice.
An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called during any Full Term, by any Committee Member, or on the request of ten or more members, stating the reason for which the meeting is to be convened, the request delivered to the Secretary on not less than seven days notice of the Meeting.
Notice of the agenda shall be sent out with the notice of all General Meetings.
No Proxy votes will be allowed at a General Meeting.
The Committee
The affairs of the Club shall be administered by a Committee consisting of not more than 14 persons, which shall have ultimate responsibility for the activities of the Club. Club members of the student type (see section 3.1) shall at all times make up the majority of the members of the Committee and shall be the only members eligible for election to the executive committee positions (see section 5.3 below). The Committee shall have control of the funds and property of the Club, and of its administration.
The Committee shall have the power to make regulations and by-laws in accordance with this Constitution, and to settle any disputed points not otherwise provided for in this Constitution. These regulations and bye-laws must be approved by DUCAC.
The Committee shall be made up of the, the Club Executive comprising the positions of Club Captain, Men's Captain, Ladies' Captain, Treasurer, Secretary, Armourer; and the Ordinary positions of Social Secretary, PR/Press Secretary
The Club Captain shall in addition hold the position of Men's or Ladies' Captain where appropriate. The Ladies’/Men’s Captain who does not hold the Club Captaincy may, under exceptional circumstances, also hold an ordinary committee position.
For a committee meeting to be valid committee members must be notified of the meeting at least 48 hours in advance.
The quorum for a Committee Meeting shall be half of the Committee present in person. In accordance with paragraph 12 a quorum shall not be valid unless a majority of those present are students. A quorum shall also not be valid if the meeting is not called in accordance with section 5.5.
The club captain shall chair all meetings. The captain shall also exercise a casting vote if it should be required except in the case of financial matters, which have been clearly set out in the agenda for the meeting, in these cases the club treasurer shall hold the casting vote.
At a meeting where the treasurer is unable to attend and where financial business is to be transacted, a member of the Committee deputised by the Treasurer to represent his/her views shall be permitted a casting vote at a meeting in his/her absence, provided the financial business transacted is only that which was set out in the agenda which accompanied the notice of the meeting.
There shall also be an Honorary President of the club who should be an honorary member.
With the assent, on a yearly basis, of both the Honorary President and the committee the position of Honorary President may be made an active committee position.
A new Honorary President may be elected following nomination and seconding at two consecutive Annual General Meetings.`
In the event of there being a lack of persons available or willing to fill the positions on the committee the responsibilities of the vacant positions shall, under the direction of the captain, be apportioned out to another duly elected committee member or members with the agreement of the committee member(s) undertaking the extra responsibilities.
Each Committee Member must, on relinquishing his or her appointment, promptly hand to his or her successor in office all official documents and records belonging to the Club, together with any other property of the Club which may be in his or her possession; and must complete any requirements to transfer authority relating to the control of the Club bank account, or other financial affairs.
The ordinary Committee members shall be members of the Club, elected at a General Meeting or appointed by the Club Captain.
There may be up to three Ordinary positions with no specific jobs attached.
The title of these positions shall be Ordinary Committee Member (OCM).
No member of the Committee shall be removed from office except with the approving votes of two-thirds of those present at a General Meeting which has been properly called in accordance with paragraphs 4.1, 4.2 & 4.3. In the case of a vacant position on the Committee, a member of the Club may be elected to that position by majority vote at a General Meeting.
A Committee member who wishes to resign from office must present his/her resignation to the Club Captain in writing stating the reason(s). If the Captain accepts the resignation he/she must then call an Extraordinary General Meeting to elect a replacement Committee member.
In the interim between the resignation and a general meeting to elect a replacement the responsibilities of the vacant post should be apportioned out in accordance with paragraph 5.9.
The outgoing Committee member must comply with the procedures for handing over office as stated in paragraph 5.10.
The Junior Armourer or Junior Treasurer may be elected "Ordinary Members" of the Committee at a meeting of the Committee.
A newly elected committee or committee member shall take over responsibility immediately following the general meeting at which they were elected.
If there is an item for discussion at a committee meeting which is either above and beyond the normal day to day running of the club or may have a significant impact on the club attendance at that committee meeting may, if the Club Captain deems it necessary, be made open to all club members or to an invited group of experienced persons who’s ideas would be valuable to the matter at hand.
In the event that there is an item or items on a committee meeting agenda for which the input of club members is deemed necessary and/or desirable, the Club Captain may declare a committee meeting open to all club members or, in a more regular but still important matters, to a selected group of club members. At such a meeting all present may voice their opinion(s) but only members of the committee will have a vote, the casting vote, if necessary, will operate in accordance with paragraphs 5.7 and 5.8.
Constitution Amendments
Any alteration to this Constitution shall require the approving vote of two-thirds of those present in person at a General Meeting, and Club members should be informed of proposed changes in the notice of the meeting.
In accordance with DUCAC rules (see paragraph 3) all amendments to the D.U.F.C. constitution must first be accepted by a DUCAC executive meeting before being presented to a general meeting of club members.


The Club may be dissolved at any time by the approving votes of the two-thirds of those present in person at a General Meeting.
In the event of the Club being dissolved, its assets shall not be distributed among the members, but shall be returned in total to DUCAC.
Any question about the interpretation of this Constitution shall be settled on a tempory basis by the Club Captain until it can be clarified and an amendment made at the club AGM.
James Stratford, Captain DUFC 2003/‘04
Colm Flynn, Captain DUFC 2004/‘05