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Fencing Theory

Since 1801 the library at Trinity College has had the right to claim all British and Irish publications under successive Copyright Acts, which means for us that we have access to a vast range of literature on the subject of Fencing.

For a brief online overview, have a look at the Wikipedia entry for the sport (in no way dealing with structures dividing property or the process of erecting them) >

The following is a selection of the reading material available:

The handbook of Fencing- Castellote, Ramon
Early Printed Book Stacks

Fencing: Ancient art and modern sport (2 copies)
Du Beaumont, C.L.
Santry HL-23-768 or v7-2-247

Fencing: The Skills of the Game
Da Silva, Henri,
Santry SHL-4-282

Fencing. Da Silva, Henri
Santry SPL-14-230

Fencing Garrett, M.R.
Santry V7-2-772

Complete Fencing; Manley, Albert
Santry HL-27-457

Fencing-Foil ,Epee, Sabre Pitman, Brian
Santry pb-69-790

Modern sport of Fencing Sanders, John
Santry VP- 12071

The incredible Fencing Fleas: Silitoe, Alan
Santry HL-18-539

Fencing Shipp, Allan
Santry PB-128-293

List courtesy Suzanne Clayton. Reviews are always appreciated!